About Us

Welcome to PrenatalDiagnosis.org. 

We know there are so many feelings as you begin this journey. It’s truly some of the hardest news any parent can ever receive when their child gets a difficult medical diagnosis. When that diagnosis occurs in the prenatal period, the strain can be even greater. There is no right or wrong way to feel.

We are a group of experienced professionals who have come together to create this website to provide you with a safe place to find the information and support you need through the journey of a prenatal diagnosis and beyond.

When you call the hotline or text or chat with us, you will talk to a trained consultant who can get you connected to a Parent Care Coordinators. (PCCs) provide a free service of practical guidance, information, and referrals so that parents understand what is normal, what is possible, and what might be helpful as they carry to term. Special attention is given to assisting the parents in the development of a birth and newborn care plan, and support is provided for one year following the birth. No matter what diagnosis or prognosis you have received, PCCs are here to help.

If your baby has received a prenatal diagnosis and you are not sure what to do next, please: