Ethical Concerns

Important medical decisions often also carry with them moral or ethical dimensions. Your relationship with your baby is different from the relationship your doctors, other healthcare providers, friends, and family members have with your baby. Following the news of a prenatal diagnosis, you may struggle to think clearly and you may feel pressured to make a decision that is inconsistent with your core values. 

All medical ethics emphasize the importance of informed consent. This means you have the right to fully understand all the implications of medical decisions you are being asked to make and how they may affect your baby, you, and your family. If you are feeling rushed to make a decision or pressured to make a particular decision, you have the ethical right to ask for more time and more information. 

You may find it helpful to speak with a professional ethicist who can help you clarify your own ethical beliefs and how ethics apply in your baby’s situation with regards to care and treatment. The National Catholic Bioethics Center, for example, offers free ethics consultations at You need not be Catholic to receive a free consultation. 

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