Medical Risks to Mother

by Dr. John Bruchalski, MD 

In the majority of cases a pregnancy complicated by a prenatal diagnosis poses no greater maternal medical risk than a pregnancy which is not complicated by prenatal diagnosis.  When carrying to term, your pregnancy will be managed like any other pregnancy with regard to your health. 

Caring for two patients, mother and baby, is vital for excellent medical care whether your baby is healthy or has an adverse prenatal diagnosis. Close monitoring to help get both mom and baby to an optimum delivery date is very possible today when advanced technology cooperates with the physiology of pregnancy. A doctor or provider that supports the medical needs of both mom and her baby practices sound medicine and does not increase mom’s medical risk while delaying the delivery of the child. Delayed delivery maximizes time the family spends with the baby.

It is important to gather a team of health care professionals around you that are in agreement with your plan to carry your baby to term. You may need to talk to several different providers to discover the best fit for your and your family.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions and share your story with the team, in order for them to hear and understand your desires for your time with your baby.  

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